3D and 2D animation is not the domain of big production houses anymore. Its availability is associated with many factors, but what is important, it has become reachable to smaller clients who see measurable benefits for their marketing activities.
Technological development has allowed small production studios to get closer to the quality of large ones. 3D animations can be produced today using the same methods but with a significant difference in costs. Available tools allow you to achieve amazing results, and the knowledge needed to obtain them ceased to be the secret one.
For our clients, we usually make product animations, animations for advertising purposes and animations that are part of the broadly understood VFX.


Moving products to the 3D world brings a lot of benefits. Among others, high costs of preparing a production set are omitted. Virtual cameras give great flexibility and the opportunity to improve their work to the last moments of production preparation. Such animations also allow you to penetrate objects, show their cross-sections, surround them with unusual environments and much more. Flexibility and creation are the key words. You can show almost everything what imagination tells you.

Usually, we create 3D animations presenting specific product features, advertising animations, technical animations, assembly and training animations.


This type of animation serves strictly increasing sales of products. It brings benefits that can be found in product animations, offering at the same time a different kind of dynamics and aesthetics. Our task as creators is to find such ways of creating an animation to generate long term impact on the viewer. Prepared animations can be used in social campaigns, television and other media.


If you are manufacturing systems or solutions, be it engineering or IT, you know how difficult it is to explain to potential buyers how they operate. Whether or not they understand what advantages the implementation brings is often a key factor in the decision to start cooperation.
Video explainer type animations support this process. They allow the presentation of functionalities and their impact on the processes taking place in the company in a pictorial way. It is said that the picture is worth more than a thousand words. We just add that one second of the animation consists of 25 images.
We have created video explainers for IT companies, loyalty systems as well as companies from the military industry. The demand for this type of production appears regardless of the industry.


Visual Effects is most often found in large-screen cinematography. In essence, by definition, all that can not be recorded with the camera on set is referred to VFX. Adding effects and objects to the scenes that could not be placed on the set. We use tools recognized in the industry and developed know-how to provide high-quality visual solutions.