In recent years computer technology have gone through constant development. An increase in computing capabilities of computers and the availability of tools previously found only in the closed circle of film production have translated into other segments of the industry. The pathtracing technology and dicreasing limitations of its hardware requirements opened new possibilities for 3D artists.

Pathtracing used in visualizations allows for faithful imitation of physical phenomena that surround us: the incidence of light rays, their dispersion or penetration through transparent objects. These elements affect whether we perceive a given visualization as a real image or an image created artificially.
PBR MATERIALS (phisicaly based rendering materials) is a way of giving virtual  surfaces features like structure, color and others found in the world around us. Such prepared “digital materials” allow for a high degree of visual realism.

The main advantage of 3D visualization is the reduction of photographic session organization cost and the ability to influence the smallest elements during work on the project. Another advantage is that when creating visualizations we are limited only by the imagination. The product’s location in an abstract environment thanks to visualizations can be realized at a fraction of the cost of organizing a photo session. Or it can decide about the possibility of creating an image in general.


Advertising visualizations (packshots, materials for use in prospectuses, banners, social media, as elements of websites, advertisements)

Product and technical visualizations (used durin trainings, presentations, etc.)

Interior and architectural visualizations

Visualizations implemented for the needs of internet configurators


1. Describe what you want to visualize, provide us with pictures and, if possible, technical drawings.

2. Describe for what purpose the visualization should be prepared and who should be its recipient.

3. If material mapping is crucial, we will gladly get acquainted with the physical samples.

4. In a short time your visualisations will be ready for use where you need it.